3rd US-EU Workshop

“Systems level understanding of DNA damage responses”

 March 30 - April 1, 2009, Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands


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 Fee incl. 2 nights, arrival March 30 (€300.00)
 Fee Young Scientist incl. 2 nights, arrival March 30 (€150.00)
 Non-lodging participant (€100.00)
Early arrival, March 29 - 1 night (no extra costs)


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Functional impairment of DNA damage responses (DDR) has been implicated in a plethora of human diseases. While many of the relationships among DDR factors and pathways are known in broad outline, much is yet to be learned about functional relationships and the molecular mechanisms that coordinate DNA-damage/replication signaling with DNA repair and cell cycle control.

This joint EU/US Workshop represents a continuation of two highly successful Workshops held in Cortona, Italy in 2003 (ref 1, 2) and Stowe, Vermont, USA (refs 3, 4) in 2005. In these Workshops we considered the systems level properties of core functions of eukaryotic DNA repair and replication networks, seeking conserved elements, common core functions and organization that could be applied to higher eukaryotes such as human cells. 

The system biology focus of this third meeting will be on the role of DDR networks in human disease and responses to environmental exposures that are expressed through changes in DDR. It will particularly consider advances in three broad areas: (1) the structure and cellular dynamics of molecular machines that mediate DDR; (2) insights from functional genomics that can be used to identify critical gene and protein interactions that constitute the human DDR; and (3) the use of this information to define biomarkers and therapeutic targets for disease identification and treatment.


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The scientific board is formed by Anne-Claude Gavin, Yossi Shiloh, Tom Ellenberger, Susanna-Assunta Sansone, Michael Yaffe and Trey Ideker.

On the program:

We will welcome participants from USA and EU. Young scientists will be expected to contribute poster papers. Other participants may do so too. On basis of the abstracts some people will be invited to give a short presentation. Fees for participation including board and lodging will be around € 300 p.p. For Young Scientists (PhD students and first time postdocs) we will be able to offer reduced rates and a contribution towards their travel costs.

The program will start on March 30 at 9 a.m. and will end on April 1 with lunch. We expect contributions of renowned scientists in the field from USA as well as EU.

From the end of March the tulip season starts in Holland and might offer you a chance to combine science with some sightseeing!

the Organizing Committee:

David M. Balshaw, Thomas J. Begley, Christian Desaintes, Wouter Ferro, Leon Mullenders, Madeleine Nivard, Richard Pelroy, Dik van Gent, Ben Van Houten, Harry Vrieling,  

For further information contact:

m.j.m.nivard@lumc.nl or ferro@lumc.nl


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